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China's initiative to expand imports is not a makeshift, but long-term consideration of embracing the world and future while promoting common development.

中国主动扩大进口,不是权宜之计,而是面向世界、面向未来、促进共 同发展的长远考量。

China's imported goods and services are estimated to exceed $30 trillion and $10 trillion, respectively, in the next 15 years.

预计未来15年,中国进 口商品和服务将分别超过30万亿美元和10万亿美元。

China is taking solid steps to expand financial opening-up, continue to advance opening-up in the service sector, deepen opening-up in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and accelerate the opening-up process of sectors including telecommunications, education, medical treatment and culture.

中国正 在稳步扩大金融业开放,持续推进服务业开放,深化农业、采矿业、制造业开放,加快电信、教育、医疗、文化等领域开放进程。



在一年 一度的双十一购物节当天,阿里巴 巴旗下的天猫商城销售额高达2135亿元。 Sales on Alibaba's online marketplace Tmall during the annual Singles Day shopping spree hit 213.5 billion yuan.

中国经济是一片大海,而不是一个小池塘。狂风骤 雨可以掀翻小池塘,但不能掀翻大海。

The Chinese economy is a sea, not a pond. Storms can overturn a pond, but never a sea.

对中国经济发展前景,大家完 全可以抱着乐观态度。中国经 济发展健康稳定的基本面没有改变,支撑高 质量发展的生产要素条件没有改变,长期稳 中向好的总体势头没有改变。中国宏 观调控能力不断增强,全面深 化改革不断释放发展动力。随着共建“一带一路”扎实推进,中国同“一带一路”沿线国 家的投资和贸易合作加快推进。中国具 有保持经济长期健康稳定发展的诸多有利条件。

There is every reason to be fully confident in the future of the Chinese economy. The fundamentals for sound and stable economic growth remain unchanged, the necessary production factors for high-quality development remain unchanged, and the overall momentum of long-term economic stability and progress also remains unchanged. China's capacity of macroeconomic regulation is growing, and efforts to deepen reform across the board have unleashed new drivers of growth. With the Belt and Road Initiative being further implemented, two-way investment and trade between China and countries along the Belt and Road have continued to gather pace. The favorable conditions are in place for the long-term, healthy and steady growth of the Chinese economy.



一是将 增设中国上海自由贸易试验区的新片区,鼓励和 支持上海在推进投资和贸易自由化便利化方面大胆创新探索,为全国 积累更多可复制可推广经验。

First, the country will expand the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone to include a new section, and will encourage and support bold and creative steps by Shanghai to advance investment and trade liberalization and facilitation so that more of its successful practices may be replicated in other parts of China.

二是将 在上海证券交易所设立科创板并试点注册制,不断完 善资本市场基础制度。

Second, China will launch a science and technology innovation board at the Shanghai Stock Exchange and experiment with a registration system for listed companies, and steadily improve the fundamental institutions of its capital market.

三是将 支持长江三角洲区域一体化发展并上升为国家战略。

Third, the country will also support integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region, and make it a national strategy. 



1. 2030年愿景

Vision 2030

China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) adopted Wednesday the China-ASEAN Strategic Partnership Vision 2030, widely seen as an ideal model for cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

中国和 东南亚国家联盟(东盟)14日正式通过《中国-东盟战略伙伴关系2030年愿景》。这一愿 景被普遍认为是亚太地区理想的合作模式。


区域合作 regional cooperation

反全球化 anti-globalization

经济增长 economic growth

社会进步 social progress

贸易保护主义 protectionism

区域一体化 regional integration


2. 学前教育

preschool education


About 85% of preschoolers in China, aged between three and six, will be enrolled in certified kindergartens by 2020, according to a document jointly issued by the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council Thursday. By 2035, preschool education, which lasts for three years, will be available for all children of the appropriate age, with a national preschool network set to be established.

根据中 共中央和国务院15日联合 发布的一份文件,到2020年,全国3-6岁学龄 前儿童进入有资质幼儿园的比例将约达85%。到2035年,我国将 建成全国性学前网络,使所有 适龄儿童都能接受为期3年的学前教育。


早期教育 early education

义务教育 compulsory education

师德 teachers' ethics

课外培训机构 after-school training institution

学生减负 reduce students' excessive academic burden

超纲教学 teaching beyond the syllabus


3. 生物支付



As high as 60.3% of payments made via Alibaba's T-mall and Taobao during the recent Singles Day shopping frenzy were verified by users scanning their fingerprints or faces instead of entering passwords, according to the e-commerce giant. Bio-payments are gradually replacing passwords to become the primary means of payment in future.

电商巨 头阿里巴巴表示,刚过去的"双11"购物节期间,其旗下 天猫和淘宝上高达60.3%的支付通过指纹、人脸识别完成,而不是输入密码完成。生物支 付正逐渐取代密码成为未来主要的支付手段。


剁手党 shopaholics

购物狂欢 shopping spree

大减价 slash prices

限时优惠 limited time offer

熬到最 后一刻才出手的购物者 last-minute shopper


4. 英国脱欧协议

Brexit deal


UK Prime Minister Theresa May vowed to fight for her draft Brexit deal with the European Union on Thursday after the resignation of her Brexit secretary and other ministers put her strategy and her job in peril.

英国首相特雷莎·梅15日誓言 要为她同欧盟达成的英国脱欧协议草案抗争到底,此前,英国脱 欧事务大臣和其他多位大臣辞职,使她的 脱欧策略和领导地位岌岌可危。


硬脱欧 hard Brexit

少数派政府 minority government

紧急内阁会议 emergency cabinet meeting

硬边界 hard border

单一市场 single market

反对党议员 opposition lawmaker


5. Marvel Comics creator



Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee - famous for giving the world beloved superheroes including Spider-Man, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk - died Monday. He was 95.

漫威漫 画公司创始人斯坦·李12日逝世,享年95岁。斯坦·李因创作蜘蛛侠、钢铁侠 和绿巨人等深受世人喜爱的超级英雄而闻名。


漫威宇宙 Marvel Universe

创意天才 creative genius

漫画编辑 comics editor

流行文化之父 father of pop culture

最后的作品 swansong

客串演出 make a cameo

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